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        188金宝搏安卓 Ltd. is the sole authorized dealer for Hyundai 188金宝搏安卓 in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and distributes, supports the full range of Hyundai construction equipment including;


        188金宝搏安卓 Ltd is also the sole authorized distributor of genuine Hyundai parts, which are available at competitive prices.

        The 188金宝搏安卓 Ltd team have highly skilled engineers, technicians, parts and sales specialists. Our vision is that customers will buy from us, not only because of the products we sell, but to benefit from the services we offer.

        188金宝搏安卓 Ltd offers a wide range of solutions for the supply, sales, financing facilities and hire purchase of unmatched machines, equipment & engines and second to none service capabilities.


        188金宝搏安卓 Hyundai
        Henley Business Park
        Plot M 424, Factory Close, Ntinda Industrial Area
        Email: sales@niletrac.com
        Tel: +256 414 505777 / +256 414 342 777

        188金宝搏安卓 Kenya

        Nairobi office,
        Josh Industrial park,
        Off Mombasa road,
        Nairobi, Kenya

        Mombasa office
        Makupa Causeway,
        Changamwe area,
        P.O. Box 86029-80100,
        Mombasa, Kenya

        Tel: +254 (0) 701444842

        Email: sales@niletrac.com

        188 app

        KG 7th Ave #35 - Kacyiru, Blue Star House, 1st floor, Wing B
        P O Box 6571  Kigali  Rwanda
        Tel: +256 (0) 414 505777
        Mob: +250 788 751512
        Mob: +256 778 085587




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